The work at Prisma is flexible and educational

A varied and flexible work environment is becoming increasingly important year by year. Prisma offers lots of opportunities for its employees and also tries to make sure that family and hobbies would not suffer because of work. Piret Lankots, Human Resources Development Manager at Prisma, speaks about the flexible opportunities and benefits of the work.

As a whole, we work in three day shifts and one night shift, but the exact times and durations can be agreed individually. You can work full time for 40 hours a week, or half the hours or even less. “When putting the work schedule together, we can also take into account the requests to work in the desired volume, at a desired time or place. We have employees who help us out a few hours after school or, for example, on weekends only because that suits them better,” says Human Resources Development Manager Piret Lankots.

“Since many stores are open 24/7, we also hire those who feel fine about working at night. All Prisma employees actually have the opportunity to work in all shifts and also in all stores. Prisma is currently represented in three cities, but we are expanding and will definitely allow our employees to work in different towns and stores if they wish,” Lankots adds.

The teams discuss the shifts and days off in good time. Work schedules are prepared on a monthly basis and everyone can say what they need – the schedules are made according to the workload, the number of customers and the requests of the employees.

The sharing of skills between different departments also shows flexibility and variety. “It is great to see the different teams in the stores working together. For example, in the summer, when a large amount of ice cream arrives at once, the staff of all departments always come and help shelve the frozen products. This was a lot of help – work is easier if you do it together, and it is also more fun and the products get to their right place faster,” says Lankots.


“In the course of teamwork, the employees of the store get to know each other better and understand the work of different departments and product selections better,” Lankots adds. “The work in different departments may seem similar, but in reality, each work section is a bit different, the specifics of the products are different in each department, and in order to work effectively, the location of thousands of products must be learned. So we have lots of variety in our work.”


The work is educational

So, the work at Prisma is very diverse and full of opportunities.

“We pay a lot of attention to training new employees and we have established a mentoring system for this. A lot is learned in the course of the work, but it is still important that the work methods are correct and are not bad for your health when shelving products, for example. Mentors contribute in every way to learning the work methods as quickly as possible and to the smooth onboarding of a new employee,” Lankots says. “We have a digital learning portal where we provide tips on how to make work easier and more efficient. A three-level system of skill levels ensures that as knowledge and skills grow, so do the wages.”

In addition to work skills, Prisma also contributes to raising health awareness. “The health of our people is important for us. For the third year in a row, Prisma is organising the health promotion programme “Health starts with you”, in the course of which we hike together in the city and in nature, do sports, organise exciting challenges and photo competitions and listen to lectures on health. For example, we have had nutritionists, coaches and mental health experts speaking here,” says Lankots. As part of the programme, every Friday there is a healthy snack or drink from Prisma’s wide selection of products in the lounge for everyone to try.


The most affordable shopping cart

The smartest option for Prisma employees is to make their daily purchases at Prisma as the prices are permanently affordable for everyone. An additional discount is given to employees. “Coming from work, it is very convenient to buy what you need from Prisma. Especially knowing that our own people get great discounts,” adds Lankots.

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